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What is the Mobility Class?

Our mobility class is what separates Moga from any other yoga studio!  Class begins with a short warmup of yoga poses to get the blood flowing, then for 50 minutes, participants move through guided foam rolling and trigger point techniques – all the way from the feet to the shoulders.

The class is fast moving so feel free to take breaks at any point.  Also, foam rolling does come with a little pain (you are rolling over sore muscles), but how much pressure and how much time you spend on an area is totally up to you.  We want you to feel good after class, so go easy if you need to yoga mobility deep stretch yin yoga

What does foam rolling do?

It’s basically like giving yourself a massage.  The foam roller is used to apply pressure to tender areas of the muscle or the trigger point and to roll these areas to decrease density and over-activity.

Foam rolling is great in addition to static stretching because it has the ability to “work” on soft tissue areas that just are not easily managed by stretching, i.e. IT Bands, TFL, psoas, etc.

The Mobility class is great for pre-workouts to release tightness that limits range of motion but is also great post-workout to increase recovery time and decrease muscle soreness.

What do you need to bring to class?

Yourself and a mat – we provide the rest.