At Moga, we offer a variety of yoga classes to suit an array of wants and needs!

Deep stretch yoga is the most offered class that we have.  Each month we design 60 minute routines that focus on a specific anatomical region, while also making sure we cover other major muscles of the body.  These classes are designed to increase flexibility and better body mechanics for our members.

Deep Stretch:

Deep Stretch is also similar to and maybe more known as Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga.  In our Deep Stretch class, poses are held for 3 minutes, which allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stretch and open up.  It is great for anyone that is looking to relax and relieve stress to the active athlete that is in need of muscle release and increased flexibility.  It’s the perfect COMPLIMENT to your active lifestyle and everyday routine.

Slow Flow Vinyasa:

This class is more of a traditional Vinyasa Yoga class. Poses are held for 30 – 45 seconds and flow from one pose to the next and are linked together in a sequence. This class is great for anyone that is looking for increased flexibility, stress relief, and a little faster pace than the deep stretch class.

Power Yoga:

Power hour is the perfect class for individuals looking to break a sweat and challenge themselves through challenging postures and a fast pace. This class is a great physical workout, but it also helps to reduce stress and rid the body of toxins. All levels welcome!

Prenatal Yoga aka Baby Mama Yoga:

Taught by prenatal certified instructors, Prenatal Yoga helps to prepare mom’s for the birth of your baby and work to alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts by practicing gentle, modified yoga poses and breathing exercises. Prenatal yoga class is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant women to connect and celebrate their changing bodies and growing babies. Poses practiced in class aim to build strength and softness simultaneously in preparation for labor. Appropriate for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy.


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